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Your dating plan includes guaranteed dates with qualified matches and an expert support system, all designed to get you engaged!

Unconventional Dates.  Guaranteed.

Bad dates?? Not on our watch.  Your guaranteed “engagements” are completely planned for you (by our experts) to showcase your best qualities while accurately assessing your date.  Don’t worry… You’re in good hands.

Qualified Matches

Your happiness and safety are very important.  This is why 1.) we go the extra mile to perform a full background check on every member/ client and 2.) only match you with singles who meet your romantic requirements.  Didn’t I say you were in good hands?

Amazing Support System

Dating is not something you should have to figure out alone.  You will always receive updated tips and advice that enhances your romantic life.  We have one goal:  To Get You Engaged!

The Engagement Specialists

Ana Lorian & CeCe

“Finding your match is supposed to be fun… not stressful and disappointing.  Our goal is to make getting engaged fun (and safe) again.”

Sometimes meeting your match is hard work.  The road to “happily ever after” is often riddled with potholes and bumps.  But that’s where an engagement specialist comes in.  You get sound advice and meet pre-qualified matches in a safe and focused manner.  Ana & CeCe take this one step further by planning the dates according to your strengths and things you consider to be fun.  This process enables you to accurately assess your match.  So just who are Ana & CeCe and what qualifies them to be Engagement Specialists?  Click the button below to read about them.


You have a million things to worry about. Meeting your match shouldn’t be one of them.

Getting engaged doesn’t have to be hard.  We believe that safe, high-quality dating options should be available to everyone


High-quality, pre-qualified matches


Modern flirting tips


Weekly chats with an Engagement Specialist


Fashion styling tips just for you


Love, Love, and Love

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Our coaching program is for everyone.

“I had so much fun!  Definitely a different dating experience.  AND I met my soulmate!””

C. Smith

Matchmaking Client

“My life has never been in happier.  Sometimes, you need a reality check.  That’s exactly what I got at The AnaLorian Agency. ”

T. Hauss

Meet Market Member

“Your advice inspired me to make a change for the better… Starting with my clothes.  It didn’t take long before Mr. Right appeared!”

Maria J.

Matchmaking Client

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