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About Matchmaker Ana

The idea was simple:  Make it easy for singles to get engaged to THEIR forever.  Not exactly the typical thoughts for someone who excelled in computer engineering.  But that’s just what started this agency.  Well, that and my divorce, but that is a whole other story.

I started in 2010 for my intimacy coaching clients who had divorced and were looking to finally get it right.  One client led to two and boom, an agency was born.  But dating was getting boring (and frustrating) for my clients which prompted us to try something new… curated dates…planned by experts.  That’s been the groove for a while now and it has yielded us a very high success rate.

“I truly believe that the universe is wise and loving.  That is the only way I can rationalize this crazy thing called life.”

Ok so… A few random facts about me.

  • I studied computer engineering in college. I hated it but I was good in math and sciences so I tried to stick with it. We see how that went, though.
  • Two. That’s the number of children I have.
  • I love food, especially decadent desserts. My saving grace is that I understand balance. This allows me to eat pretty much whatever I want.
  • I sold sex toys and held workshops for the “intimately-challenged” until recently. It was a hard decision to make but I am happy I’m finally focused.
  • I’m not single.

Bottom line:  I love love and I especially love helping singles get engaged. My background is diverse but that is what gives me an edge over other matchmakers. I want to change the way you think about dating and getting engaged. Want to know more? Follow me on social media or email me at ANA@ANALORIAN.COM.

About Matchmaker CeCe

I’m CeCe, the Assistant Engagement Finder at the AnaLorian Agency. I’m a Chicago native and lawyer with a sociology background. I’m also a stylist and connoisseur of all things fashionable.

I started working with Ana as a matchmaking client. I was busy with work, being a mother and just being lame. So after seeing Ana on Facebook and visiting her website, I contacted her. And got matched with some niiiicce bachelors. I was hella impressed.

“So after seeing Ana on Facebook and visiting her website, I contacted her. And got matched with some niiiicce bachelors. I was hella impressed.”

During my check-in/coaching sessions, Ana and I spent hours upon hours vibing and getting to know each other. I learned all about the Agency and its process. She learned how awesome I am.

My role in the Agency is to assist Ana with getting quality people engaged in a bomb-ass dating life. We are not here for you getting played or to allow you to play yourself. Only the best for the best.

It feels great to be on board.  Want to know more?  Connect with CeCe by leaving a message here.



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